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Lighting rectangular for Industry and Hallspaces

Product Series IP180.100 – IP180.120

  • Ideal for logistics, industry and production

  • Unique modular concept – 2, 3, 4 or 6 LED modules

  • High luminaires luminous flux of up to 30,000 lm

  • System efficiency of up to 160 lm/W

  • Ambient temperature range: -40°C to +75°C

  • Mounting – Suspension bracket for pendant, rail or ceiling mounting

  • Dali dimmable (DC-suitable)

  • 5 years warranty

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Industrial and hall luminaire round

Product Series IP180.121 – IP180.142

  • Luminous flux of up to 26,000 lm, system efficiency of up to 130 lm/W

  • Compatible with PIR sensor (article number: 2657747) which can control up to 10 lamps with 1-10 V

  • 3 different light currents (13 klm, 19,5 klm, 26 klm) and 2 beam angles (60º and 90º)

  • Ideal for commerce, industry, manufacturing, warehouses, airports, data centers, and large public buildings.

  • Available in 1-10 V and DALI dimmable version

  • Low glare, as UGR < 25 – required for industrial applications

  • Ambient temperature from – 30º to +50º C

  • Available in neutral white (4.000 K) and daylight white (6.500 K)

  • Accessories: Reflectors, additional bracket for wall mounting, standard chain 1 m

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Industrial Spotlights for indoor and outdoor use

Product Series IP180. 152 – IP180.194

  • Complete product family of LED floodlights to replace traditional HID indoor and outdoor luminaires

  • Perfect for illuminating industrial areas, car parks, building facades, billboards and leisure facilities

  • Available in 5 different sizes: Small (32 W), Medium (77 W), Large (115 W), XL (198 W) and XXL (230 W)

  • Beam angle: narrow, wide or asymmetrical. Available in neutral white (4,000 K) and warm white (3,000 K)

  • Dimming capability: non-dimmable or DALI (DC capable)

  • Luminous flux: up to 32.426 lm (WSU-LED XXL, 4000 K)

  • System efficiency: up to 110 lm/W (LED floodlight L, 4,000 K, Dali)

  • High degree of protection: IP66

  • High ambient temperature range: -45°C – +45°C

  • Slim profile and easy installation. Power cable (1m) included: luminaire does not need to be opened for installation

  • Mounting brackets included in scope of delivery.Universal adapter for mast mounting available as accessory for small, medium and large versions

  • Long service life: 50,000 hours

  • Energy efficiency class: A++, A+, A

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WSU LED Street Lighting

Product Series IP180.290- IP180.298

  • WSU-LED lantern as a replacement for conventional HID luminaires

  • Ideal for lighting small and large roads in three different sizes

  • High luminous flux of up to 17,000 lm

  • High-quality die-cast aluminium housing

  • Adjustable inclination angle from -15° to +15° as mast top or mast attachment

  • Easy maintenance, as luminaire cover can be opened from above without tools

  • Safety mechanism: mains voltage is automatically interrupted when the door is opened

  • Neutral white (4,000 K) as standard, other colour temperatures available on request

  • System efficiency of up to 128 lm/W

  • Robust construction and protection: IK08 and IP66

  • Available in grey RAL 9022 as standard, other colours available on request

  • Suitable for mounting on poles with 42-60 mm diameter, recommended mounting height: 6-12 m

  • Long life of up to 100,000 hours at L90B50 and 50°C

  • 10kW overvoltage protection available on request. Operating temperature range from -40°C to +50°C

  • Various control options (DALI, Photocell, other integrated smart lighting technologies) available on request

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Surface-mounted luminaires

Product Series S/T 180.195- 180. 210

  • LED moisture-proof luminaire in lengths of 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm (single or twin housing)

  • High system efficiency of up to 132 lm/W with a lifetime of 50,000

  • Available in colour temperatures of 4,000 K (neutral white) and 6,500 K (daylight white)

  • Variants with Quick Connector (Stucchi)

  • Versions with 3 hours single battery available as standard

  • Variants with DALI dimming and/or presence detectors are available for further energy savings.

  • DALI variants can be operated with DC input

  • Robust polycarbonate housing (IK08)

  • Smooth surfaces, slim luminaire, which is therefore easy to use

  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate of tub and diffuser prevents yellowing of the luminaire over its lifetime

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket for ceiling mounting

  • Suitable for pendulum mounting. Through-wiring set available on request.

  • 5 years warranty

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LED Panel

Product Series IP180.211 – IP180.229

  • Panel is suitable for general interior lighting: corridors, lounges, offices and meeting rooms

  • Edge-lit LED technology enables a slim design (10.5 mm height) and low weight

  • Available in sizes 600 x 600 mm, 625 x 625 mm, 1200 x 300 mm and 1200 x 600 mm

  • Uniform light distribution over the surface, no dark or bright spots

  • UGR<19 versions include an additional prismatic diffuser to reduce glare

  • Panel achieves a system efficiency of up to 120 lm/W (4,000 K non-dimmable)

  • Available in warm white (3.000 K) and neutral white (4.000 K)

  • External, electronic driver included in scope of delivery

  • Energy efficiency class: A++, A+, A

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Accessories available for surface mounting or pendulum mounting

  • 3 hours single battery Accu Pack available

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LED round recessed luminaire

Product Series E180.230- E180.253

  • Downlight is available in 4 different sizes with round housing: 165 mm, 195 mm, 220 mm and 240 mm

  • Downlight 165 12 W delivers a luminous flux of 1,134 lumens (4,000 K)

  • Downlight 195 15 W delivers a luminous flux of 1,480 lumens (4,000 K)

  • Downlight 220 21 W delivers a luminous flux of 1,989 lumens (4,000 K)

  • Downlight 240 25 W delivers a luminous flux of 2,289 lumens (4,000 K)

  • Low installation depth of <65 mm

  • Energy-efficient electronic ballast, non-dimmable, dimmable 1-10 V or dimmable DALI (DC-capable)

  • Single battery 3 h available (must be ordered in addition to luminaire)

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Energy efficiency class: A++, A+, A

  • Long service life: 50,000 h L70 (30,000 h L80, 15,000 h L90)

  • 5 years warranty

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LED recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, round or square

Product Series AE180.254 – AE180.261

  • 13W, 18W & 23W LED downlight as recessed or surface-mounted version

  • Ideal for corridors and functional tracts as well as for applications where a long burning time and high switching cycles are required.

  • Flat Light is available in round and square with the following dimensions:

    • Flat Light installation round is available for two different ceiling cut-outs: 150 mm and 200 mm
    • Flat Light installation square is available for a ceiling cut-out of 200 mm x 190 mm
    • Flat Light attachment round is available in two dimensions: Ø165 mm x 40 mm and Ø220 mm x 40 mm
    • Flat Light attachment square is available with the dimension: 220 mm x 220 mm x 40 mm
  • Flat Light benefits from a slim design and an opal diffuser for even light distribution

  • Selection: 3.000 K (warm white) or 4.000 K (neutral white)

  • High luminous flux of up to 2,000 lm (SylFlat LED around 2,000 lm 4,000 K)

  • Cost-effective product system efficiencies of up to 100 lm/W (SylFlat LED round, 4,000 K) help to comply with building regulations

  • 1,000 lm LED downlight:

    • Flat Light installation with a depth of only 27 mm (1.000 lm)
    • Flat Light attachment with a height of 40 mm
  • Quick and easy installation using Loop-in/Loop-Out (LILO) clamp

  • Energy efficiency class: A++

  • LED technology offers an energy-efficient solution and low maintenance costs

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LED Circle

Product Series A180.262- A180.270

  • High system efficiency of up to 90 lm/W

  • Highly efficient LED chip technology

  • Available in 4 sizes: Ø 180 mm, Ø 250 mm, Ø 330 mm or Ø 360 mm

  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted

  • High-frequency sensor for presence detection and energy cost savings in 18 and higher versions

  • Uniform and uniform light distribution

  • High performance, up to 2,060 lm

  • Low maintenance with 30,000 hours LED lifetime

  • Energy efficiency class: A++, A+, A

  • Impact resistance: IK03

  • Warm white (3,000 K) and neutral white (4,000 K)

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LED Surface mounted luminaire round

Product Series A180.271 – A180.280

  • Perfect solution for corridors, passageways and foyers or for use in bathrooms and wet rooms Zone 1 thanks to protection class IP44

  • Available with 10 W, 15 W, 20 W or 25 W

  • Housing colour white in 3 sizes: 280 mm, 320 mm and 430 mm

  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting Homogeneous and uniform light distribution with a halo light effect on the mounting surface

  • High luminous flux up to 2.216 lm, as perfect replacement for luminaires with 1x TC-DD 38 W or 2 x TC-L 18 W (version 430 25W 840)

  • High system efficiency up to 89 lm/W, helpful in compliance with building regulations. (Version 430 25W 840)

  • Available in warm white (3.000 K) and neutral white (4.000 K)

  • Built-in LED driver (not dimmable)

  • Possibility of through-wiring (loop-in/loop-out)

  • Surface mount wiring available for all sizes

  • Polycarbonate diffuser with impact resistance IK07

  • With integrated On/Off high-frequency sensor for the 430 version for further energy-saving potential

  • Low maintenance required with 40,000 h service life L70

  • Energy efficiency class: A++, A+, A

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WSU-LED Lighting rectangular for Industry- and Hallspaces

Highly efficient LED chip technology – High system efficiency