Stationary Vacuum Systems
Semi-Mobile Vacuum Systems
Mobile Vacuum Systems
PowerVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Stationary Vacuum Systemes

Our wide range of stationary systems includes all elements necessary for the construction of a central vacuum system: extraction systems, filter separators, pre-separators, piping systems and all associated accessories.

The technical services for our projects are comprehensive: from management, planning, preliminary studies, system design, analyses to execution and testing.

This means that the installation of our central vacuum system enables our customers to manufacture cleaner and sustainable products at fair maintenance costs.

  • Wide range of engineering services

  • Close cooperation with our customers

  • The best possible and most cost effective solution

  • Tailor-made design and implementation depending on material, building size, length of pipes

  • An efficient installation of our central vacuum system allows our customers to produce cleaner and more sustainable products with reduced maintenance costs.

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Semi-mobile Vacuum Systems

The Semimobile vacuum systems meet the requirements of the industry thanks to their efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance and their excellent price-performance ratio.

  • Robust design for industrial use

  • Suction pump type Roots with high vacuum (50-80%)

  • Filter system for dry or wet materials

  • Automatic filter cleaning system without compressed air

  • Motor from 45 bis 55 kW

  • Large collection volume and easy emptying

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Semimobile Vakuumsysteme

Mobile Vacuum Systems

Our mobile vacuum systems transport all types of materials – wet or dry. Regardless of consistency, they can be sucked in and transported by our mobile machines. Our systems offer a unique ease of use with a maximum performance of over 90% vacuum efficiency and a suction power of up to 200 kW. The powerful suction power allows material to be transported over long distances, both horizontally and vertically, through hoses and piping systems. The capacity of the modern pumps of up to 10,000 m³/h combined with the unique filter and the overall concept to reduce the internal resistance in the machine result in excellent performance.

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Mobile Vakuumsysteme

PowerVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The PowerVac industrial vacuum cleaner consists of:

  • a side channel vacuum pump with 5.5 kW power supply
  • 3 phases 400 V with motor protection, standard safety valve and safety filter class M
  • 5 m connection cable for 32 A, CEE
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 100 litre tank with height adjustment
  • The dust collector with cyclone effect is maintenance free
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with fluff polyester filters treated with PTFE, filter class M, ISO EN 60335-2– 36, AA
  • The main filters are self-cleaning by Powershock
  • The unit is equipped with a sound-absorbing coating and a dust inlet of DN 60
  • The unit is easy to move thanks to its 3 wheels
  • The type M / EX is an ATEX version for zone 22 with a version suitable for fine dust.

Technical features

  • Operating dimensions: (WxDxHxD): 1300 x 807 x 1775 mm

  • Weight (approx.): 165 kg

  • Max. vakuum: 300 mbar

  • Air volume (without load):): 2600 m3/h

  • Engine Power: 5,5 kW

  • Main filter area: 2,2 m²

  • Safety filter area: 2,5 m²

  • Noise level (at 5 m distance): (at 5 m distance): 73 dB(A)

  • Hose connetion diameter: 60 mm

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